Screenwriters – 5 Different ways to Take advantage of Your Pitchfest Experience

In case you’re pondering going to one of the numerous screenwriting pitchfest occasions that occur in Hollywood or in another city where Hollywood executives visit, at that point you should do all that you can to benefit as much as possible from that experience.

The entire procedure can be a touch of scaring for some essayists, however here’s a rundown of five things you can do to get the most incentive out of your confirmation identification.

  1. Go there with an aim to expertly advertise your content and yourself.

The fantasy work out as expected for most screenwriters is to offer their content to Hollywood and see it transformed into a film. A pitchfest presents a brilliant open door for you to open entryways in the business toward a potential deal or to acquire portrayal. Opening those entryways relies upon you going to the pitch table with a triumphant mentality. Show up outfitted with the full aim that you will make every effort to sell your content.

Start by dressing the part – wear office easygoing clothing. In Hollywood, just “the suits” wear suits, which means administrators. When you pitch, have the frame of mind that your content is one they can’t bear to leave behind. You should completely put stock in your content. On the off chance that you don’t have a veritable faith in the quality of your content, and yourself as an essayist, it’s impossible that the official sitting over the table is going to.

  1. Make contacts and building connections for what’s to come.

Suppose, out of the blue, the official tunes in to your pitch and passes on perusing your content. The truth of the matter is, the default answer in the business is “no,” so you should realize that that will happen more often than not. Nonetheless, you can at present take advantage of your exposure with that individual in different manners.

Inquire as to whether you can quickly recount to them about some other story thoughts you may have. They might be open. Or on the other hand pause for a moment to discover what material they may as of now be searching for. Your very own style may be a solid match.

In particular, before you get up from the table, check whether they would be open for you to reach them later on with different pitches. On the off chance that they are, get their business card. In the event that they disclose to you they don’t have any left, which they regularly do, ensure you have the best possible spelling of their first and last name and their organization name. Or then again get their email address. Ensure that you have an approach to reach them later on.

Keep in mind, this business is based on long haul connections. Regardless of whether you don’t get a solicitation for your content today, you can reach them sometime in the not too distant future, at which time you will help them that the two to remember you met beforehand. Be benevolent like you were really amicable in those days and they only sort of overlooked.

  1. Practice your pitch and know who you are pitching to.

Sooner or later, in the event that you will have a screenwriting vocation, you will need to pitch your story to an executive. Numerous authors don’t care to pitch, they feel they’re nothing more than a bad memory at it, and they simply would prefer not to do it. It’s alright on the off chance that you feel that approach to begin, yet you have to rehearse so you are certain, in light of the fact that it’s a piece of the stockpile that you should need to move your way through Hollywood.

Before you go to the pitchfest, practice and get ready. The more you can rehearse and get ready and afterward do it, the better you’ll progress toward becoming at pitching. Additionally, before pursuing your pitches, survey the rundown of taking an interest administrators and pick the ones who will be the best potential fits for your content, in light of the sorts of motion pictures they’ve delivered previously. Learn however much as you can about them so you can connect with them as explicitly as could reasonably be expected.

  1. Utilize the date of the pitchfest as a cutoff time to finish your content.

On the off chance that you are composing spec contents – which means contents that are not pre-sold – you by and large don’t have somebody pushing you to fulfill a time constraint. Basically nobody cares when you complete your screenplay aside from you. Notwithstanding, by focusing on heading off to a pitchfest, you can utilize that as a cutoff time to rouse yourself to complete the work.

Simply figure out what achievement you need to reach at that point, and after that set out to do it. Getting the chance to pitch at the pitchfest will resemble a reward! Furthermore, who knows, somebody might be keen on your content.

  1. Break out of your customary range of familiarity as an author and get together with individuals.

Composing can be a desolate interest. Except if you have an accomplice, it’s frequently just you and the clear page. A pitchfest offers you a chance to break out of your sheltered little air pocket and take a few risks. Despite the fact that it tends to be awkward to attempt to disclose your story to a total outsider in less than two minutes, it can likewise be exciting when you snare them on to your story and they’re holding tight your each word since they’re biting the dust to discover how the story goes.

Associate with other individuals, regardless of whether it’s different authors or executives. It very well may be generally excellent for sustaining your motivation and inventiveness. Indeed, even simply blending at one of the blenders and chit chatting with different scholars about how the business functions can be priceless. You’ll leave the end of the week with a superior comprehension of the general procedure of composing a business content, what’s hot and so forth, and the motivation to remain in real life innovatively.


In the same way as other different things throughout everyday life, a pitchfest will be what you think about it. On the off chance that you go in with an uplifting disposition and incredible planning, you will receive more in return. Regardless of whether you don’t get somebody too hot for your content without a second’s pause, you may start a positive association with them and you could send your next content to, or they may peruse your content as a composition test and they put you on their short rundown for doing changes. So go in arranged, and keep the potential outcomes open.

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